Dos and Don'ts of Demo Submission: How to get your record signed

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Submit Music Demo or Audition Video to Major Record Label A&R Talent Scout Contacts - favorite this post Apr 05 All Musicians / Singers / Rappers / Songwriters wanted for Record Deals **(all USA).  All Styles Required; Rock / Pop / Country / Top 40 / Hip Hop / R&B / Dance

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Submit Music Demo Recording or Audition Video to Major Record Label A&R Talent Scout Contacts accepting demos from unsigned artists;  favorite this post Apr 05  Artists Wanted; Musicians, Songwriters, Male / Female Singers, All Genres; Pop, Rock, Country, R&B, Hip Hop, Bands / Groups, Drummer, Background Singers, Pianist, Keyboardist, Beat Maker, Rapper, Composer, Lead / Rhythm / Acoustic Guitarist, Bassist needed for signed bands, Record Deals, Distribution Deals & Touring, Live Shows, Paid Gigs, Studio Session Recording, Email Auditions, Singing Auditions - Sign up at label website:
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Dos and Don'ts of Demo Submission: How to get your record signed
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To Hold Open Casting Call Music Audition A&R Contact: Record label audition mobile phone app, also offering music industry physical address and email address.

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Here are some helpful guidelines for major and independent record and music labels accepting demos.
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